Huisartsenpost West-Friesland

Levensbedreigende situatie? Bel altijd 112



Levensbedreigende situatie? Bel altijd 112


Call +31229 297 800 (at local rates) and keep the following patient’s details within reach:

  • Name, address and date of birth;
  • EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or insurance details;
  • Name of your own doctor;
  • Names of medicines (if relevant);
  • Passport or identity card;
  • Urgency;

When you call Huisartsenpost West-Friesland, you will first hear a selection to determine the urgency of your phone call. You will be asked to dial 1 in case of a life-threatening situation and dial 2 in case of recipe. If you will not dial any number they will connect you to the doctor’s assistant. If you dial 1 you will be given priority.


The doctor’s assistant is the initial contact person at Huisartsenposten West-Friesland. She is especially trained to determine what kind of medical assistance is needed.

In most cases she will be able to provide you with advice over the telephone. If necessary she will consult one of the doctors, who is always present at the practice, or she will connect you directly to him. The advice provided by the doctor’s assistant will always be checked afterwards by the doctors on duty.

When advice by telephone will not suffice, she will make an appointment for you at Huisartsenposten West-Friesland or she will plan a doctor’s visit to your address in case you’re not able to come to the practice for medical reasons.

Who has access to your personal data?

Basically only General Practitioners and doctor’s assistant who are involved with your health care can look into your data. The systems in which these data are kept (computer files, sound recordings) are secured by passwords and codes. Only in clearly defined cases other employees have access to a part of your data. Thus the coordinator patient safety and complaint mediation can inspect your medical file after having received your approval to mediate concerning a complaint. Or that the coordinator can relisten to the telephone conversation in case of lack of clarity and complaints.

Your rights as a patient

As a patient you have certain rights

Access to your file
Upon request you can receive a copy of your medical file. You must submit a written request and enclose a copy of your identity card.
You can also authorize someone else or an institution to retrieve your file. Only when the written authorization is signed by you personally, will the General Practice Center give your data to others.

Right to improve, remove and shield data
When your file contains data which you prefer to have altered or removed, you can submit a written request together with a copy of your identity card in order to alter or remove (parts of) your file. The General Practitioner who treated you will comply with your request unless there are urgent reasons not to do so. Your own family doctor will be informed about this. You can submit your request with the Coordinator Patient Safety.

Addresses and opening hours

Maelsonstraat 7, 1624 NP Hoorn
Huisartsenposten West-Friesland is only open outside office hours and has 1 location in Hoorn. Monday until Friday, from 5 pm to 8 am.


You can use the parking garage of the hospital. You can pay you parking card at the a vending machines opposite the elevator.


Cost for consulting Huisartsenposten West-Friesland will be covered directly by your health care insurer. People who live abroad (even if you have insurance) are obliged to pay a fee (except when you’re in possession of an EHIC). When you return home you can collect payment from the insurance company with the receipt.